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The Worship of Krodo and Ostera by Sacred Fire

In an earlier article titled Krodo, a Lost Saxon God Traceable to Aryan Times [7/9/13] I discussed the existence and origins of this lesser known God. Whilst His worship was localised to the Harz Mountains of northern Germany He is a Saxon deity and thus should be of relevance to Wodenists here in England also.
It is high time that this God was once again given the honours due to Him.

Whilst perusing Legends and Tales of the Harz Mountains, North Germany[1885] by Maria EliseTurner Lauder I was immediately struck by the following passage which is to be found in the tale The Steinkirche and the Hermit:

"In the grey days long ago, when paganism ruled the land, there stood on the hills near the cave called the Steinkirche-altars to the gods.Bright were the fires to Krodo in the darkness of the night, and on the opposite cliffs rose the fire pillar in honour of the goddess Ostera."         

What is significant about this passage is that Krodo was woshiped in close proximity and in conjunction with Ostera, a Goddess who is much more well known to us. The second interesting point is that these deities were obviously worshiped during the night and by the use of sacred fires. The nighttime is in my opinion the most appropriate time to honour our Gods for this is the time when we become more receptive and aware of non-human activity. In particular dusk and dawn represent liminal boundaries between light and darkness and thus between Midgarth and other planes of existence. This is an important point that we need to take on board. All of my spiritual and magical undertakings are carried out in darkness.

The story goes on to relate how a xtian hermit converted the "wild Sassen" by a `miracle` when he struck the hard rock with a wooden axe and this supposedly had an immediate effect on the heathen Saxons. In reality nothing of the kind occurred. We know that instead that the temple of Krodo [and presumably of Ostera] was overthrown by the King of the Franks, Charlemagne [Karl der Grosse- Charles the Great]:

"Bothe`s Sassenchronik relates under the year 780, that King Charles, during his conquest of the East Saxons, overthrew on the Hartesburg an idol similar to Saturn, which the people called Krodo."[Teutonic Mythology Volume 1, Jacob Grimm]

The image at the head of this article is reputed to be the head of Krodo built into the wall of the Schlosskirche in Buendheim, Bad Harzburg.

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