Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Thorstein in the Harz Mountains

In the Harz Mountains, south of Halberstadt there stands a massive rock formation called the Glaeserner Moench-the Glass Monk or Crystal Monk. However the ancient Teutons called this sandstone rock the Thorstein-Thor`s Stone. Only with the enforced xtianisation of my  Saxon ancestors did the name change to the Glass Monk. This latter name unfortunately still persists to this day, possibly out of false notions of political correctness rather than fear of the impotent dying xtian church.

After the conversion of the Saxons a legend developed about a nun and monk breaking their vows of chastity and being turned into sandstone. The shape of the rock is suggestive of both a monk`s hood but also of Donar`s hammer. Donar was worshiped both in the forest and on mountains and the sound of His thunder in the Harz is quite dramatic. Early Bronze Age finds dating back to about 2,000 BCE have been discovered in this location.

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