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Donar, Arminius, Teut and Divine Intervention in the Teutoburgerwaldschlacht

Arminius or Hermann as my ancestors called him is considered to be the one who unified the continental Germanic peoples in the face of a common enemy: Rome.

Of noble blood and of the tribe of the Cherusci he was sent as a hostage to Rome at an early age and trained as a Roman commander but he never forgot his Germanic blood and when Germania was in peril in 9CE from Roman invasion into her heartland Hermann secretly forged alliances with neighbouring tribes to mount an effective resistance to the Romans. He succeeded in slaughtering in the region of 22,000 men. Rome`s armies were literally decimated-their overall strength reduced by over 10%. Never again did Rome seriously entertain invasion of our sacred soil.

One factor which I did not fully appreciate until a few days ago that helped Hermann was the weather.
Many history books refer to stormy weather around the time of the battles in passing as if it was not a determining factor. However after watching an excellent documentary this week, Weather That Changed the World-Lost Legions of  the Rome I have now begun to appreciate that there is an extra dimension to this battle.

The commentator stressed how violent storms occurred prior to and during the battle which caused the Romans to become literally `bogged` down and become easy pickings for the Germanic tribesmen. They had to abandon their heavy artillery during the march. The storms were attributed to Thor or more properly Donar who acted not only as the German God of Thunder but also as a God of War. Our primary deities-Thunor, Woden, Tiw, Saxnot and Frey all had their own specific spheres of influence but all could be called upon in the midst of battle to give favour to their followers and this is what happened in the Varusschlact or Teutoburgerwaldschlacht.

The documentary was both informative and very rousing. Thunor/Donar/Thor was certainly worshipped as a primary deity in that part of the world. There is place name evidence for this, eg Dornberg-the hill or mountain of Thor in the Teutoburg district.

The name Teutoburg could be interpreted as the fortress of Teut. Now Teut is cognate with the Old English theod [Proto-Germanic *theudo] and the Irish Tuatha[Proto-Celtic *touta] demonstrating an early Celto-Germanic shared word but it has an even earlier Proto-Indo-European root: *teuta. However Teut was also the eponymous deity of the Teutonic peoples. Teut may  be derived from Tuisco referred to in Tacitus` Germania, the father of Mannus and the grandfather of the Ingvaeones, Herminones and Istaevones. He is the ancestral God of the Germanic or Teutonic peoples and He is thus honoured in the place name Teutoburg. How fitting that the Teutoburg should be the scene of Germania`s triumph and Rome`s defeat!   
From Teut we derive the name by which we call ourselves-Teutons which is cognate with Deutsch. So Deutschland is the land of the Teutons. The Tuatha De Danann, a mysterious and divine Nordic race who according to the Lebor Gabala Errren[The Book of the Taking of Ireland] are the Aesir of Germanic mythology in a different cultural setting and many of the Irish deities have direct counterparts in Germanic mythology.

A bronze statue of Hermann, the Hermannsdenkmal was erected in 1875 near Detmold in the southern edge of the Teutoburgerwald. A similar statue was also erected in 1897 in New Ulm, Minnesota by the Sons of Hermann and named the Hermann Heights Monument. This one is made of iron and sheeted with copper. There are other statues of Hermann to be found in the USA and I may discuss and show these in a future article dedicated specifically to this subject.

Arminius or Hermann as I have pointed out before in Irmin, Arminius and the Herminones published on this blog on 28/9/12 is a variant of the Germanic God name Irmin and the Celtic Eremon and Ariomannus, the Indo-Aryan Aryaman and the Iranian Airyaman. Hermann is thus the human incarnation of THE Aryan God to be found amongst the divided Aryan peoples. See also `Ar` as a Prefix in Aryan God/Goddess Names published on my Aryan Myth and Metahistory blog on 4/8/12 and Aryaman/Airyaman/Ariomanus/Eremon/Irmin-the Divine Concept of Aryanness published on 17/8/12 on Die Armanenschaft der Ario-Germanen blog!

Donar thus assisted His Volk in their time of greatest need just as He can assist us today when we are facing a similar threat extinction as a people. Call upon Him today and seek the protection of His hammer!

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