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The Importance of Germanic Names and Wyrd

Since the forced conversion of the Germanic peoples it has gradually become the fashion and the norm for parents to give their babies non-Germanic and often non-Aryan names, particularly biblical names, whether they be traditionally jewish or christian in nature. This trend in recent years has got far worse with the numbers of Nordic children being given names such as Isaac, Jacob and Joshua increasing.

Taken from www.babycentre.uk

1. Oliver
2. Jack
3. Harry
4. Charlie
5. James
6. Joshua
7. Alfie
8. Thomas
9. Jacob
10. Ethan
11. Noah
12. Daniel
13. George
14. William
15. Samuel
16. Alexander
17. Oscar
18. Lucas
19. Dylan
20. Max
21. Benjamin
22. Henry
23. Leo
24. Ryan
25. Matthew
26. Finley
27. Isaac
28. Aiden
29. Jayden
30. Jake
31. Joseph
32. Alex
33. Logan
34. Luke
35. Muhammad
36. Nathan
37. Archie
38. Freddie
39. Riley
40. Connor
41. Ben
42. Sam
43. Lewis
44. Zachary
45. Toby
46. Theo
47. Aaron
48. Louis
49. Tyler
50. David
51. Sebastian
52. Reuben
53. Liam
54. Adam
55. Ollie
56. Edward
57. Luca
58. Harrison
59. Elliot
60. Callum
61. Finn
62. Jamie
63. Rhys
64. Michael
65. Mason
66. Cameron
67. Elijah
68. Owen
69. Gabriel
70. Jackson
71. Seth
72. Blake
73. Leon
74. Jude
75. Tom
76. Caleb
77. Kayden
78. Arthur
79. Evan
80. Pip
81. Dexter
82. Eli
83. Nathaniel
84. Harvey
85. Robert
86. Joel
87. Felix
88. Austin
89. Christopher
90. Stanley
91. Josh
92. Kai
93. Rory
94. Jasper
95. Andrew
96. Patrick
97. Harley
98. Finlay
99. Aidan
100. Louie

1. Lily
2. Emily
3. Isabella
4. Sophia
5. Isabelle
6. Sophie
7. Olivia
8. Ava
9. Chloe
10. Isla
11. Amelia
12. Jessica
13. Grace
14. Evie
15. Charlotte
16. Ella
17. Mia
18. Lucy
19. Freya
20. Ruby
21. Holly
22. Ellie
23. Hannah
24. Emma
25. Abigail
26. Megan
27. Jasmine
28. Daisy
29. Matilda
30. Erin
31. Poppy
32. Imogen
33. Maisie
34. Layla
35. Phoebe
36. Eva
37. Molly
38. Maya
39. Scarlett
40. Annabelle
41. Alice
42. Sienna
43. Amelie
44. Lola
45. Caitlin
46. Amy
47. Madison
48. Katie
49. Zoe
50. Florence
51. Elisabeth
52. Amber
53. Summer
54. Rosie
55. Emilia
56. Rebecca
57. Leah
58. Evelyn
59. Millie
60. Esme
61. Eleanor
62. Willow
63. Georgia
64. Zara
65. Lacey
66. Anna
67. Rose
68. Lexie
69. Eliza
70. Lauren
71. Bella
72. Elsie
73. Eloise
74. Isobel
75. Sarah
76. Martha
77. Keira
78. Faith
79. Niamh
80. Gracie
81. Gabriella
82. Skye
83. Harriet
84. Kayla
85. Alyssa
86. Maria
87. Nicole
88. Nina
89. Paige
90. Kate
91. Orla
92. Bethany
93. Iris
94. Alexandra
95. Sofia
96. Lilly
97. Isabel
98. Hollie
99. Annabel
100. Laila

I have highlighted in bold text those names which are Jewish, Arabic or New Testament in origin. A significant number of the rest are Germanic or even German in origin.

As Wodenists we know that the granting of a name to a child imparts a certain wyrd to that child that influences his character and his luck. Therefore we choose names that are Germanic, that is pre-christian and often these names incorporate the names of our Gods and Godesses.
Vilhelm Groenbech in his The Culture of the Teutons Volume 2 under Chapter 3 Name and Inheritance has this to say on the matter:

"At the point where the new-born child is adopted by the clan he is brought into contact with the power that resides in the possessions of the race. When the father gives the little one a name, and thus determines his fate by speaking a soul into him....." [My emphasis].

It is still the tradition within families for children to be named after their parents, grandparents or other ancestors and this custom goes back to ancient times. It was believed that by doing so one is assisting the rebirth of ones ancestors or kin. This is a good custom and should be encouraged but if the said names are not Germanic in character then it is far better to depart with this custom and instead to use pre-christian Germanic ones. I also encourage adults who bear such forenames or even surnames to relinquish them and choose ones that are more in character with one`s ethnicity and beliefs. This is something which I have done and consequently I have founded a new `dynasty`.

By continuing to impart foreign, ie non-Germanic names, especially non-Aryan names to our children we are granting a foreign and utterly alien character and wyrd to our children. Part of our awakening as an Aryo-Germanic people must be the recognition that Germanic children should be bear Germanic names.

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Kenneth S. Doig said...

No one hates Jews as much as I do and I show my real face, name and email on my blog. I agree that Indo-Europeans, Germanics and Celts just being the Northwesternmost and racially purest of the original IE (Aryan means Iranian, they used to be fully Nordic as record by Greco-Roman historians like Herodotus, Strabo, Ptolemy (Greek are also Indo-Europeans, but in blood, less pure of the original proto-Indo-European/Hallstatt/Scando-Germanic Nordic race today) You seem to totally IGNORE all the pure "Aryan" Celtic names, like(Gaelic) Cameron, Dylan, Connor, Ryan, Riley, Reilley, Logan, Arthur, Evan, Findlay [norse-gaelic], Rhys, Finn, (There are 2 unrelated "Finn's", one Gaelic, the other North-Gmc. Just because Kikes like the name "Stanley" does not make it any LESS PURE GERMANIC ANGLO-SAXON, it is from WestSaxon, 'stán' 'stone' and 'léah''meadow'. Sidney is NOT on your list, but it is also Anglo-Saxon. William is EXTREMELY TEOTONIC! 'William the Conqueror' DUH! Wilhelm, Willem and the Irish 'Liam' from wilLIAM. Also modern, pure Germanic names, Robert,Henry (Sw,No, Da, Henrik, Heinrich, Du Henrik)Oscar, means Gods' spear (lit. gore) and is Ásgeir in Icelandic and Åsgeir in Norw. In OE there were 2 words for gods, 'ós', plural, 'ése', cognate with Norse, 'Áss/Æsir', German, Gothic, 'ans' and Persian 'ahura'. Freddie.....!!!??? Frederick, Fredrik, ON, Fríðík, PURE GERMANIC. So is Archi, from OE Archibald. Harry is a nickname for 'Harold', Sw, No, Da, Harald, Icelandic 'Haraldur' from PGmc *Hariwaldaz, *Hari, from Harjiz, army, *waldaz, leader, cognate to *wield, OE, "Bretweald", Thorvald, etc. Lewis,Harrison, Finlay, Norse-Gaelic. Also names like Andrew, Alexander, Dexter, etc., may not be Germanic but are JUST AS ARYAN, they are Latin or Greek. Only about 20 names are Kike biblenames. I thought your blog was called CELTO-Germanic....
Anyone who doubts me, just google the names, I´d bet my life. So, only German and Viking forms are real Germanic names?
Both Celts and Germanic were hared for the Romans, Greeks, etc, to tell the difference between because they were both of the same Nordic race, the Germanics were a bit blonder, but both also spoke kindred IE tongues and had similar beliefs. So, Now only names like Wotan, Dieter (from Greek), Heinz, Rolf, Guenther, Otto, Fritz, Sven, Ivar, Ingvar, Erich are the only acceptable FORMS of Germanic names, we just say, screw the modern Anglo-Saxon pronunciation? Also screw the Celts, screw the Spartans, the Latium (Nordic "Aryan") founders of Rome....they are not Aryan. I agree, purge the Jewnames. My name is pure Aryan, "Coinneach Macgilledog", now "Kenneth Doig", but I am a lowlander, lowlanders are Anglo-Jutes from Jutland. My DNA signature is 75% Germanic, particular originating from modern Swedish Västra Götaland, whence Beowulf's Geatas and all Angles (not saxons, they were from MODERN Germany proper, and Geatas. The other 25% is Dalriatic Scots, i.e.,Celtic, Nordic Gael) come.
By the way, I speak FLUENT Swedish, decent Norwegian, Icelandic, German, Danish, Dutch and can read Old West & Old East Norse, Gothic, West-Saxon, etc.
Ken Doig